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Beware, the book, "Honor and Betrayal"" is a scam!
Navy SEALs and their families speak out aginst this book!

Picture of the scam book

All Patriots should listen: Navy SEALs and their families are speaking out against this scam perpetrated by the publisher and authors Patrick Robinson and Matthew McCabe

This book is full of lies and misinformation. The authors and publisher are pushing this abortion of truth despite protests from Navy SEAL community.

The following is a review written by the Widow of a fallen US Navy SEAL:

"The purposeful deception intertwined throughout the book attempts to give credence to the team of miscreants behind this book and veterans' charities scam:

"Gold Star families are all the trend when someone is trying to build a name or money for their pocket book. How many of our family stories, our loved one's pictures in uniform, and the tears of our children have been used by conmen for their own promotion? Countless

How many Gold Star families have been personally attacked when they refused to let conmen into their families' inner circle? Countless

How many Gold Star families have been threatened, even blackmailed, when the family discovers the truth and publicly outs the disgraced conmen? Countless To all of you reading this and thinking, 'well, the guy seems dirty but we really need to talk about the shabby treatment of these SEALs'....

I implore you to wake up! Where is your outrage at the purposeful endangerment of Navy SEALs, their families, and the Gold Star Families?

We are not celebrities, we are families who have suffered great losses and are deserved of respect NOT exploitation.

This book is being used to further exploit the Naval Special Warfare Community and our families. Will you continue to tolerate this or will you speak out against Mr. Robinson and his publishers shameful actions?

To those saying "its only 3 pages", I say its 3 pages in a book of a former NY Times Best Seller... you don't think that matters?

Have you never dealt with sick conmen? They will exploit even 1 page of propaganda for their benefit. You don't think it matters that within the pages of a book about Navy SEALs, this conman is singled out as the center of the universe for Navy SEAL advocacy... a LIE...but who will know its a lie if you are silent?

Who will know about the many Navy SEALs, their families, and the Gold Star Families that have been endangered and exploited by this [...]* if you refuse to stand up in protest?

This conman has not only violated the sanctity of the Gold Star Families with invasive use of personal pictures, stories, and messages to solicit money from unsuspecting patriots.

This conman has endangered those who are still serving and their families, while also endangering Gold Star families through his posts on social media with secure information maliciously shared.

This conman exploited the Navy SEALs, their families, and the Gold Star Families for the purpose of creating personal cash flow into his bank account...preying upon the empathy of American Patriots.

And yes, there is documentation of his abuse of many Gold Star family names for his own selfish purpose. What kind of sicko does this?

I cannot speak for McCabe or Keefe as to why they have or have not spoken out against this book. At this time they are full aware of the endangerment of their Brothers and families posed by the publication of this book, and I would expect they too are working hard to correct this travesty.

I can only say that my husband's integrity and love for his brothers, their families, and doing what's right would lead him to speak out against this book... just as I am now speaking out against it. The Navy SEALs live by an Ethos that is not just a set of words... it is who they are. The Navy SEALs deserve better than the atrocity of this book written by Patrick Robinson.

Do not allow Mr. Robinson to exploit our families and our Community anymore!!

Whether it is your voice here on Amazon, or your voice in the local bookstore...stand up for our families and stand against those who would wish us harm.

Please take a stand today: Don't buy this book, and please don't post 5-star reviews.

Please take a stand every day for our Gold Star Families and in support of the men and women in our military who are willing to sacrifice their lives so that you and I may live free.

God Bless. "

Gold Star Wife, wife of fallen Navy SEAL

When these reprobates behind this book were publicly outed for their well-orchestrated charities swindling scam, they retaliated by posting secure Navy SEAL operator information linked to private family information on public search platforms trolled by terrorists. These same charity bandits behind this book and the now defunct ‘’ scam carefully crafted postings with information intended to attract terrorist attention.

Authors, Patrick Robinson and Matthew McCabe, as well as the Publisher, are fully aware of the endangerment this book created for Naval Special Warfare operators and families but continue to refuse any correction. The Publisher, DeCapo Press, even kicked the daughter of a Navy SEAL out of their office when she asked to speak with someone regarding her concerns for the safety of Navy SEAL families following the release of this book.

This book is a scam perpetrated on Naval Special Warfare community. Please read the reviews by other SEALs and Gold Star Families speaking out against this scam book on Amazon.

Please add a one-star review on, sharing your disgust with the author Patrick Robinson, a parasite who is preying on Naval Special Warfare community.

Honor and Betrayal is a scam perpetrated upon the Naval Special Warfare Community. A better title for this scam book would be "Dishonor and Betrayal of Naval Special Warfare community".

Do not support this book.